15 Best Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

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The most important time for women and girls is the prom date. That day every woman wants to look good. All the looks can be on you too. This is in your hands. If you have a long hair, you can browse the prom hair models in this gallery.

Hairstyles for Prom

#1: Feather Braid + Curls

This also a waterfall braid. This long hair really looks so perfect.

#2: Pink Prom Ponytail

prom ponytail hairstyles for long hair

This pastel pink color hair is ready for prom. You can make your hair braid ponytail to be the girl of the night.

#3: Wedding or Prom

curly side updo for wedding or prom

A seem like that is so posh that it may simply work at different big formal occasions like a marriage, particularly with the addition of a beautiful white flower.

#4: Long Soft Waves

half up twisted bun for Prom

Soft waves and a half up twisted bun for Prom.

#5: Loose Low Updo with Braid

loose low updo with braid

Maybe it looks a little messy but it’s very stylish.

#6: Sassy Ponytail

prom sassy ponytail

This attractive hair prom can be ideal for your dress. Perhaps you will be the most beautiful girl in the balloon.

#7: Braided Prom for Long Hair

braided prom for long hair

One of the best braided side hairstyles for prom are people who have a carefree vibe.

#8: Dutch Lace Braid and a French Braid

Prom hair model for little girl

You can choose this party or prom for little girls.

#9: Waterfall Braid Prom

boho prom for long hair

If you have a wavy hair you can turn it into a great design. This is in your hands.

#10: Bun Prom Hairstyle

bun prom hairstyle

Ladies know the value of your hair. It is your greatest treasure.

#11: Twisted Hairstyle

bridal half updo for long hair

We are living for these gorgeous braids!!!

#12: Prom Hairstyle with Bump

Prom hairstyle with bump

This brilliant hair looks very colorful and engaging for prom.

#13: Romantic Hair

Romantic hair for prom

Really good still soft but the finish looks technical and strong.

#14: Prom Hair with Roll

prom hair with roll

Such a wonderful updo by Rebekah! Good to your wedding ceremony, dance, or particular occasion!

#15: Prom Chignon Hairstyle

prom chignon hairstyle

“I have never seen elegance go out of style”. Who is ready for the Oscar’s tonight?

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