16 Great Braided Hairstyles For Long Hair

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Making braid hair models is quite troublesome for women. Long hair is more fortunate in this matter. Because it is easier to adapt the long-haired weave pattern.They’ll look plain or intricate, worn down or in updos. The next photos gives you concepts on finishes for rope plaits and clues on the right way to introduce them into your favourite updos and half up kinds.

Braided Hairstyles For Long Hair

#1: A braided Crown for This Beauty

braided long crown hair

In case you had a couple of too many tequilas last evening, but nonetheless want to look stylish, this can be a guaranteed winner. Unwashed, evening earlier than hair will assist the braid keep in place, and throwing the remainder of your hair in a ponytail means minimal work when all you actually really feel like doing is crawling again into bed.

#2: Side Braid With Curls

Side braid with curls

You can try different hair styles with your hair. You can check out the new weaving techniques for your hair from YouTube videos.

#3: Braid Ponytail for Long Hair

Braid Ponytail for long hair

Making different hair models requires creative thinking. Add a messy finish, gently pulling at the braids for a loose, effortless look.

#4: Braid Long Plaits

braid long plaits

Bit of fun with a 5 way Dutch braid today. Love this look for a night out.

#5: Fishtail Updo

fishtail updo hairstyle

The braided model looks very nice for ladies with blonde hair.

#6: Braided Hair for Wedding

Long braided hair for wedding

If you like long braids you can try this hairstyle. It can be a great choice for your wedding day.

#7: French Side Fishtail Braid

French side fishtail braid

A French braid is a glance many people have worn since grade college. Select hair ties that match your hair color for a seamless fashion that’s positive to please.

#8: Side Braid Hairstyle

Side braid hairstyle for long hair

This hairstyle that looks gorgeous looks like a girl’s dream. Long hair may be messy. But you may still be perfect.

#9: Pretty Braided

Thin long braided hair

It looks pretty sweet and cool. It may force you, but everybody will love it.

#10: Classic Bridal Updos

classic bridal updos

This hairstyle looks so romantic. Updos braid model for your long hair.

#11: Single Braid for Long Hair

cute braided long hairstyle for women

This knitting style preferred by American Indian women in old times is great. You will look very cute with this hair.

#12: Braided Magical Hair

balayage long braided

One other lovely jewel toned ombré by our bombshell Delilah. So impressed by her means to create such magical hair.

#13: Half Up Half Down Reverse Fishtail Braid

Half up half down reverse fishtail

As you see in this photo, the braid is made short. Have a different fishtail.

#14: Favorite but Hardest Hairstyle

Bun Braid for long hair

The blond hair looks very stylish. But it’s really hard to do. Perhaps it can be easy for a professional hairdresser.

#15: Messy Dark Red Long

Messy Dark Red Long Braided

This braided hair looks perfect along with red color. The only bad part is a little messy.

#16: Long Braids Pink Color

long braids pink color

Would you like to have a fantastic hair? This braided pink hair looks like a dream. Colour by Garlande and 5 strand braid by our newest Pony, Margaret.

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